Scrum Master

This training is suitable for all levels of Scrum experience. A Scrum Master helps project teams to use Scrum effectively and perform at the highest level. The Scrum Master understands the values, practices and applications of Scrum and provides a level of knowledge and experience above and beyond typical project managers. In this training, the participant will learn about agile culture, main breaks in the Agility paradigm, agile values ​​and principles and the fundamentals of Scrum, including their roles, events and artifacts.

O Scrum Master entende os valores, práticas e aplicações de Scrum e fornece um nível de conhecimento e experiência acima e além dos gestores de projeto típicos. Nesta formação, o participante aprenderá sobre cultura ágil, principais quebras de paradigma da Agilidade, valores e princípios ágeis e os fundamentos do Scrum, incluindo seus papéis, eventos e artefatos.

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Online (zoom)

+ Post-class mentoring sessions


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Scrum Master

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