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Welcome future AGilion!

Want to work
in Agility?

Have you ever thought about being an Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Product Owner?.. 🤔

…Or you don't even know what that is but you need a new professional path? 🤔

In all cases our trainee program can be the answer! 💡💡

A professional experience in the Agility field, with continuous monitoring and practical training with real cases in real customers.

AGilion Profile

We're looking for



He/she is constantly learning and focused on his/her 
self development. See obstacles as opportunities. 


Team Player 👊

Likes to work in a team and values the
interpersonal relationship. Knows when to help and when to ask for help. 


Change Agent 🤝

knows how to give and
receiving feedback, deals with different complexities and with an environment in constant transformation.

Want to be an AGilion?


Career Plan

Make no mistake, this is not a small journey, we want to train you so that later you can evolve into a true Agile Expert.

Application and Selection.

The candidate submits the application by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. If your profile is selected, you will be contacted by one of our Agile Experts.


Each Agilion will be mentored by an Agile Expert, be it a Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Coach. Each mentor is responsible for the integration and evolution of their Agilion client.

Training on the job

The real training will be done “in the field”, the AGilion will join your mentor in your daily client tasks. We believe this hands-on experience will accelerate your transition to an agile professional.

integration in the team.

AGilion's motto is to evolve.

And the objective of this program is to train excellent agile professionals.


in the agile revolution

Continuous monitoring and practical training with real cases and real customers.

Make the difference.

You will be involved in the digital transformation process of large organizations.

Coaching & Mentoring.

Evolui rapidamente com a ajuda dos nossos Mentores e experiência hands-on nos nossos clientes.

Fast-track Career.

During the Trainees program, you will already be part of our team.


questions? 🤔

Yes. By joining the program you will become a employee of our company and you will be remunerated for your work.

The program lasts 1 year for each Agilion and we hope that during this period, Agilion will be more experienced, autonomous, taking its first steps with clients and projects towards the career it wants to follow.

Initially yes, but our customers are already resuming face-to-face work in a hybrid way. At some point it may happen to be 100% face-to-face. The highest concentration of customers is found in Lisbon

One of our purposes is to empower people living in Portugal. With that, one of the few criteria we have is that people are already here. Therefore, if you already live in Portugal, you can apply. If you are not here yet, you can send your profile to our Careers.

First Round

The first round of registrations is over but don't be discouraged, very soon we will open a new round.

Keep an eye on our social networks to find out everything firsthand!