Kudo Cards Practices in a Agile Classes

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I will use the same rationale of the previous articles assuming that you already know the Kudos Cards created by Jurgen Appelo and taught in Management 3.0 classes. If you still don’t know, read my friend’s article, Tadeu Marinho. Kudos Cards criado pelo Jurgen Appelo and taught in Management 3.0. Caso ainda não conheçam, leiam o Artigo do meu amigo, Tadeu Marinho.

ContextI work as an Agile Expert and in the company I work for we have a very strong culture of feedback and acknowledgments because we believe in and practice continuous improvement, be it for the individual, the collective or the company.

So in all the classes we give or the company we work with, we pass on these contents and practices to our students and clients, remembering that our way of teaching is: practice and then connect with theory.

to students during classes in a practical, fun way but also explaining the theory. Kudo Cards para os alunos durante as aulas de uma forma prática, divertida mas também explicando a teoria.

Usually classes are 2 days of classes that have been online via Zoom and so far nothing special (many classes and meetings have changed to Online until we return to the classroom).

Throughout the first day I deliver the content of the class, making dynamics, getting to know the students more and in an environment of a lot of interaction, we gradually get closer and feel free to discuss the points covered in the class.

Near the end of the 1st day of class, I present a slide for them, I also send a link and explain:

Put a photo you like;
Add your name;
● Adicionem seu nome;
Do not leave it for last minute as it will be used for one of the dynamics on the last class day.

Kudo Cards Board Vazia

After that the class goes on normally and I close the day with a feedback session to find out what went well and what I can improve for the 2nd day of class or for the next classes.

Before starting the 2nd day of class I check if all the students have already put the photos and names. Usually there are a few missing, so I do a few checkpoints with them asking again to update the board. I usually do this before breaks so that students are not distracted by the photo and stop paying attention in class.

2º dia Morning Board

The class proceeds normally and as content to close the training, we enter the dynamics of the Kudos Cards. I open the board that contains the photos and names of all students (sometimes a student updates the board at this time).

Before we start the Kudos distribution session, I present the board and the dynamics to the students, talking about what I hope they do and showing them how to do it, giving the 1st Kudo Cards to any student in the class.

From then on, I officially open the dynamic so that students can give feedback and recognise the other colleagues and trainers who participated in the 2 days of class.

The restriction is to have no restriction. Everyone can distribute Kudos to anyone they want in the amount they want. It’s their decision.

And there begins one of the coolest parts of the class: Seeing people recognise classmates in an organic and natural way. Important point: People have known each other for 1 day.

Management 3.0 Board Final
Aula HR Agile (por K21) – Board FInal

OBSDuring the 2 days of class several times I speak and give examples about the importance of feedback and recognition of people because it is a way to break the hierarchical limitations and encourage everyone to offer instant positive feedback.

I wait for the “popcorn” effect to pass and when I realize that most of them have already done their recognition, I explain the Kudos Cards and close the class with all students (and trainers) in a sensational energy.

That’s all, folks. There are several ways and tools to run Kudos with your co-workers that you can consult on the Management 3.0 website. Management 3.0.

I hope you enjoyed!

If you want to talk more about the dynamics and the theme look for me and I will be happy to talk with you.

See you soon ;-)
Ricardo Caldas

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