I just joined the company and now, how do I introduce myself?

Era uma vez…

Good morning, how are you? I just joined the company to work together and I would like to introduce myself quickly, can I?

My name is Ricardo, I am Brazilian (born and raised in Rio de Janeiro) but I have lived in Lisbon (Portugal) since December and 2018 with my wife but most of my friends and family are in Brazil (Father, Mother, Aunts and Cousins ). Ah, I also have an older brother who is married, has 2 beautiful children and has lived in Chicago (USA) since 2017.

TimeRicardo, why did you come to live in Lisbon, can you tell? Of course, but let me go back in time quickly to give context …

I graduated in Systems Analysis and I have 20 years of experience in technology and I started assembling computers, I became a developer (.NET), I moved to team coordination, project management but since 2016 I have been working with agility. Throughout this journey, I worked for several legal and well-known companies and I gained knowledge through practice but also through some certifications that I obtained over time.

Although I came to live in Lisbon and here we speak Portuguese, knowing other languages ​​helped to win this position because here we have several people and companies from other nationalities, so it is important to be prepared to communicate well.

Apesar de ter vindo morar em Lisboa e aqui falarmos Português, saber outros idiomas ajudou na conquista dessa vaga pois aqui temos diversas pessoas e empresas de outras nacionalidades, então é importante estar preparado para se comunicar bem.

In addition to this goal of having an international experience, I also have others such as:

Travel and see the world;
Grow your family:
● Estudar e aprender sobre alguns temas que estão no meu backlog;
Donate my time contributing and helping the agile community with the knowledge and experience I have;
Helping the agile community by donating my time and knowledge

TimeCool Ricardo, do you have anything else you want to share?

Yes, people! It’s quick, I promise.
In my spare time I love to cook, watch Netflix, listen to music, go to the beach, travel and read
Furthermore, I am a very transparent, resistant and courageous person.

Thank you for having me on the team and count on me to help in whatever way possible to achieve our goals. And if you want to talk more about some connection and common ground, I am available.

So, what did you think of this form of presentation? Do you know what it is? It is called Personal Mapcreated by Jurgen Appelotaught in Management 3.0 classes and we can apply it in several possible ways.

I particularly like the way my friend (and mentor) Tadeu Marinho applies the Personal Map, so much so that I adopted this model in the Management 3.0 classes that I teach and in the teams that I work with when I’m acting as an Agile Expert on a client. You can read Tadeu's article on how to apply Personal Map.

And how can Personal Map help?

Self knowledge;
It reduces the mental distance between people:
Create connections;
It generates empathy;
You know people better;
Team building tool;
Hiring people (ask the candidate to create and present their Personal Map)
● Etc…

Personal Map is a very powerful tool and practice that helps people get to know each other better, better and create connections between them, because normally in a corporate environment we don’t go into personal details when we introduce ourselves because they may think it is “unprofessional” to say that I love to cook , for example. And if there are more people who also like it and together, we schedule a weekend to prepare and eat something delicious? Have you ever thought about it?

Instead of presenting the tool to you in this article, I introduced myself using my Personal Map and I believe that some of you may have created some connection with me or at least knew me a little more than what normally would happen (I would speak only of the professional, certificates and experience, correct?).

Running the Personal Map in a Management 3.0 class that I gave in July 2018 helped a lot in a delegation poker dynamic that I ran with the class because people already knew better. If you want to know more about that, you can read the Delegation Poker.

To conclude, I strongly believe in the “power” of Personal Map because as I said, it has helped a lot in the classes I have given but mainly in the work of Agile Expert to help the teams get to know each other and continue on the path to be high performance teams that have confidence and integration between them. #teamBuilding

That’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed it and that you run a Personal Map with yourselves and your teams.

Please check some photos with a Team creating their Personal Map here in Lisbon.

If you want to talk more about the dynamics and the theme look for me and I will be happy to talk with you.

See you soon ;-)
Ricardo Caldas

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